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Leather lace for braiding the edges of wallets types and materials

Leather lace Leather lace is used to braid the edges of products. If you want to use lace on the edges of products, you need to decide what kind of leather the lace will be, whether you are ready to cut it yourself or buy, choose the color of the skin or the braid itself. […]

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Leather Cleaning Tips

Leather still needs some basic care to maintain its durability and good appearance. Most leather crafts are relatively easy to maintain depending on how you take care of them. Nonetheless, here are some basic tips to clean your leather. You must know the type of leather you are cleaning so you would have the proper […]

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Tips and Ideas About Leather Stamps and Working With Leather

Art and craft is broadly categorized into many activities. Leathercraft is one of those amazing tasks you can perform. Working with leather is not only a leisurely activity but also a moneymaking opportunity. If you are good at it, you can create leathercraft books. Numerous people around the globe are always looking for tips and […]

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Using Leather Stamps for Fun

Leathercraft is a broad topic involving many tasks. Stamping leather is one of those leisurely activities you can do. Some people do leather stamping as an income generating activity. By using leather stamps or shaped tools, you can make word, letters, images and pictures among other decorative designs on leather. It might take you sometime […]

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