Barry King Professional Leather Working Maul


Barry King leather maul

Barry king maul:

  • Top of the line poly head leather working mauls from the famous Barry King.
  • Features a quality poly maul head with a smooth veg tan leather handle.
  • These mauls are a must have for tooling and carving on the professional level.
  • The renown quality of Barry King tools speaks for itself with these beautifully crafted mauls.
  • Available in three styles: Hammer, Round, and Taperhead, to fit any style or preference of carving/tooling by leather stamps.

A good, durable maul when working with leather is an indispensable part of any author. The instrument must meet the requirements necessary to perform its main function: to be of a certain mass, lighter or heavier depending on the required impact force. Accordingly, to work with a punch, for example, with a diameter of 1 mm, you can use a lighter maul, and for a punch with a diameter of 20 mm, it is desirable to have a heavier maul. The impact force of a small maul may not be enough for large diameters or line punches with a large number of teeth, which may eventually lead to its failure.

Studies have proved that the mechanical characteristics and strength of polyamide (caprolon) is not inferior to such a material as steel. It is not surprising that it is used in electrical, machine and shipbuilding.
But the main thing is the charm and merit of these mauls is:
1. They better compensate for the recoil when striking the instrument. The consequence is that the hand does not get tired so quickly, the working time is prolonged.
2. The sound when working with such hammers is much quieter than metal ones.
3. The nylon maul does not spoil the tool, because its impact part does not break the metal handles.


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