European leather Stitching Clamp Vergez Blanchard 130cm



European leather Stitching Clamp Vergez Blanchard 130cm

  • High-quality Wood. Made in France
  • leather Stitching Clamp
  • Clamp Length – 130cm

The Vergez Blanchard clams are built of solid wood and have a beautiful aesthetic look. These traditional clams continue to be used by top European leather craftsmen. Because of the great ergonomics and increase in sewing efficiency they produce comfortable stitching for many hours of work. To use the clam you just place your leatherwork between the jaws and place the clam between your legs. The natural position puts enough pressure on the jaws to keep your work in place and in a position to hand stich. This will be a great addition to your tools that will produce great results for a very long time.



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